Dear contestants,
in this contest your work is not evaluated by human, but computer.
The advantages are evident: more contestants can take part, evaluation will be quick and absolutely objective for all the contestants from all countries.
So at last you have real international results and you can see immediately how is your knowledge and craft.
The Contest Server values a few criterions for every task, whereas for each criterion it is determined current rank immediately after uploading your program.
Also you can see your possition in the school, region, country and international immediately after uploading your program.

The task nr. 0 will not count towards the overall results, It is intended to test for new participants.
All submissions are still open, so you can begin to compete at any time and any task can be repaired as many times as you want.

Contest is only for individuals, programming tool is Baltie 3 (last version).
If you want to join this contest, click on the "Login" in the left menu and start to compete.

  • After logging in and opening the "Tasks" folder click on the number of a task, so you can see the submission and from now on the time period of solving the task is counted.
  • Job submission is:
    • a scene (scenes),
    • a scene with additional text or some graphics,
    • texts or numbers.
    Your task is to program the result using only Baltie's icon commands. So you do not compose any scene or draw any picture!
  • After programming each scene or graphic image, you must insert the special comment icon ( S ,  G ), which will ensure that server check your programmed scene/image with the task scene/image.
    Then upload your program to the server. Send only the source code (.BPR), no any other file(s)!
  • Your program shouldn't contain any waiting or read key whith waiting. Program is evaluated by server without human attendence, so there is nobody who can click. :-)
  • After uploading program you will immediately see results and ranks in individual evaluated criterions:
    1. S errors - number of mistaken objects in Scene comparison with requested scene. The less mistakes, the better position.
    2. G errors - number of mistaken pixels in Graphics screen compared to given picture. The less number, the better position.
    3. T errors - number of mistaken in output Text file compared to given output text file. The less number, the better position.
    4. Runtime - the duration of running (performing) your program. The shorter time, the better position.
    5. Commands - number of your program command icons. The less number, the better position. (Spaces, new lines, comments and commented icons are not counted.)
    6. Attepts - how many times has you uploaded the solution. The less attempts, the better position.
    7. Solution duration - the time period from showing the task submission for the first time to the last uploading of the solution. The shorter time, the better position.
    Hint: It's a good to continuously monitor the competition's page so you know as soon as possible that the new assignment is out and you could be the first to appear in the published results :-)

    Every criterion has its own winner, so if you are not successful in one criterion, you can concentrate to good result in other. :-)
    The overall position for the task is the evaluation of various criteria and their ranking after the evaluation (the most prized is the first criterion, then the criterion 2, etc.). Help - you can see numbers of command icon in Menu, Program/File, Statistics.
    You can upload program how many times you want till the close of round, but be aware of that each uploading can cause worse position in total rank.
    After uploading your program you can continuously watch your positions in individual criterions and think for example, whether uploading better version repay the cost of bigger version count or not.
    Simply said: a little tactics never hurts :-)
List of forbidden commands
In general writing or reading files is not allowed except for loading input and saving output files (scenes, pictures and text files). Further icons for working with sound, video, printing, folders and so on are forbidden.
You can't use waiting commands (speed less then 9, wait, read key with waiting), because there is no one to push the button on the server, also timer (in Baltie 3) are forbidden because of exact measurement of program runtime on the server.
Restrictions for Baltie 3:
    • whatever from table is forbidden except areas, icon file and picture,
    • after icon file there must be string N.txt, where N is number (e.g. 1.txt),
    • after icon picture there must be string N.bmp, where N is number (e.g. 1.bmp),
    • these icons are not allowed: Play CD track, Heap, Stopwatch,
    • it's not admitted to use any of waiting commands or Speed of Baltie less than 9.

If you find any error in the contest or if you have a question or proposal for making the contest better, please  write us...

We wish you a lot of success, entertainment and also instruction in our new contests.