# 0                     Sample task - task nr. 0

Program successively two scenes below  S1 ,  S2  and one scene with graphics  G1  by using only the Baltie's programming commands.
After each finished scene put into the program the text comment (check point) with the name and number of the scene (see program example below). For every completed stage insert text comment into the program (control point), indicating the scene.
Below you can find ready-made program that just copy and send to the contest site.
This task is not counted in the overall results. IT serves only to you to familiarize yourself with the competition server and Junior competition. It has no deadline to it so you can always go back and try out what you need.

 S1    (Scene nr. 1)

 S2    (Scene nr. 2)

 G1    (Graphics nr. 1)

Sample program: 0.bpr
Create and send this program to the server through an "Application Management" in the left menu (you will see it after logging in). The program then can be changed arbitrarily and repeatedly sent to the server to see how the server evaluates your program and how it changes your ranking in the individual evaluation criteria and the overall standings.

 S1 ,  S2  control points determine the point at which the server compares (the object by object) your scene and the appropriate task scene and finds incorrect or misplaced objects in your program.
 G1  control point determines the point at which the server compares (point by point) your screen and the appropriate task picture and note the number of bad points (pixels).
Do not use the waiting commands or other commands that could cause the stopping or slowing the Baltie. Try to create your program with the less command icons (infinite speed at the start, spaces, newlines and comments are not counted).