Welcome to the Baltie.NET Contest Server.

Types of contests
We organize 3 types of programming contests:
  • Preparatory  - there is no time limit for the tasks solving (Junior)
  • Subject         - the tasks solving is time limited (Baltie)
  • Creative       - on a given topic (Christmas, Easter etc.) or theme free (Creative)
Territory division of results
The Contest Server allows show results:
  • Class
  • School
  • District
  • Regional
  • National
  • International
Contests categories
The Contest Server allows show results for this categories:
  • Basic categories - based on grade 0 - 18, where 1 matches first grade in basic school , 10 first grade in high school and 14 first grade in university
  • Associated categories - A: grade 0-3, B: grade 4-6, C: grade 7-9, D: grade 10-13, E: grade 14-18
Programming tools
For solving tasks contestants may use any of SGP tools (but always only the newest version), unless the contest rules defines this in other way.
  • SGP Baltie 3.0.7
  • SGP Baltie 4.2
  • SGP Studio 1.0
Annual contests
  Christmas   international creative contest for all categories
  Creative   international     creative contest for all categories
  Baltie   international standard programming contest, for A - D kategories
  Easter   international Creative contest for all categories
  Junior   international contest for (and not only) beginner B3 / B4 programmers and also a preparation for the Baltie contest
there are the monthly results, the calendar year results and the school year results.
All submissions are still open, so you can begin to compete at any time and any task can be repaired as many times as you want.
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