About the contest

4th year of the BALTIE'S CHAMPION will run in the school year 2009/2010. The contest has been included in the MEYS (The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) contests as a C-class contest. The promoter is DDM Bílina.

The aim of this year is to engage all persons interested in programming tools Baltie 3 and Baltie 4 C#, so all kids who enjoy programming are welcomed.
The kids should learn, besides programming in Baltie, how to use internet and their e-mail box, to check these pages on a regular basis.

The contest can also be used by teachers as an inspiration for their classes or as mean of processing home works.

The emphasis will be placed mainly on the form of the program, comments.

The kids do not need a license of Baltie, but they need to have an SGP Account.

More in "Rules".