School round passes over contest platform Baltie...

Schhool round organization.
It is a matter solely for the school, school results are not publicly published anywhere, it only sees school teachers.

What is the school round good for?
a) for an overview of the contest platform Baltie,
b) as an aid for teachers to student nomination to a higher round of the competition.
This means that the school can organize a school round only and may not participate in the higher rounds.

Contest time in the school round.
The teacher specifies it for each competetive group separately.
The teacher can set the contest time the arbitrary and also extend it arbitrarily or divided it into several parts, or divided it into more days.
The only criterion is that this time is the same for all of the contestants in the school.

Scholl round duration.
The school round may take couple of days, weeks or months, go ahead until the end of the school year.
Teams may or may not solve all taks. Theoretically, the team does not solve any task even in this case, it may nominated (enrolled) by a teacher to a higher round of the competition (for example, students are sick from long-term appointments before deadline to the higher rounds, etc.).
The school round may continue even after the nominations to the higher rounds or after the contest. This means that teams can enroll and solve tasks of the school round continuesly (to try the competition), but can no longer advance to higher rounds, because it is already finished.

School results.
The school results are not public, can only be seen by school teachers (after logging in in the left menu). It is only a matter of teacher, when shows the results to the students. We recommend to print diplomas after the last team will finished the school round - preferably at the end of the school year.

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